PKMBuy PLA - What's new in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is celebrating the finale of its most recent anime tie-in with a new giveaway. Players can log in to the game and receive a variant version of the poisonous fox mask through the mysterious gift function. This evil fox mask is based on a shiny version of Hisuian Zorua and was added to the game to celebrate the end of Pokemon: Hisuian Snow, a three-episode mini-series set in the Hisui region. Pokemon: Hisuian Snow has a shiny Hisuian Zorua. Notably, the original Baneful Fox mask was given away to early purchasers of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and was only removed from Mystery Gift a few weeks ago. You can Buy Pokemon PLA now.

This marks the first giveaway for Pokemon Legends: Arceus in months, which is odd since it's technically the current Pokemon game. Many players were expecting some kind of DLC or expanded support for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but Game Freak offered little "new" content other than a free update that added some extended storylines and expanded Mass Outbreaks as post-game content. There's room for DLC in the game, but the lack of updates might worry some fans.

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While players are waiting to see if we'll get more Pokemon Legends: Arceus content beyond the new masks, the Pokemon Company is also gearing up to release Pokemon Scarlet Violet, a pair of new open-world games. While Arceus was the first game in an open area format, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be true open worlds where players can access any part of an unnamed area without being limited by the storyline. What that means is anyone's guess, but we'll find out when these games come out in November 2022. Pokemon BDSP Buy here.

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